Top 5 Home Styles Trending in Australia for 2024

Sustainable Home Construction
  1. Sustainable Home Construction

Environmentally conscious homes, carefully planned to align with nature, mark a significant change in residential architecture. Well-known Sydney architecture firms purposefully design these homes to save energy and water, incorporating durable, efficient systems to minimise waste. At the heart of this innovative approach is the passive home design philosophy, striving for maximum energy savings, improved efficiency, and reduced dependence on artificial climate controls.

Key features of sustainable home design:

  • Drip irrigation for plants
  • Passive solar design
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • High-performance windows

Apart from the above-mentioned features, sustainable home designs often integrate rainwater harvesting systems, further optimising water conservation. Incorporating smart home technology enables residents to monitor and control energy usage, enhancing the overall efficiency of these eco-friendly residences. Beyond their architectural elegance, these homes inspire and encourage communities to adopt environmentally friendly practices. As the demand for sustainable living grows, architects continue to explore innovative solutions, ensuring that future homes seamlessly blend comfort, style, and ecological responsibility.

In embracing the principles of sustainable living, a passive home design transcends traditional architectural norms. As homeowners increasingly seek eco-conscious solutions, these dwellings stand as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of modern living and environmental responsibility.

  1. Contemporary Home Design

Modern homes encapsulate the essence of contemporary living and are designed to meet the needs of today’s lifestyle. Emphasising the principle of ‘everything in its designated place,’ modern design places a premium on functionality and simplicity, providing abundant opportunities for personalisation through innovative design and furnishings.

Key features of this residence include:

  • Expansive interiors flooded with natural light.
  • Emphasis on eco-friendly features.
  • Frequently adopting double-story designs.
  • Handleless cabinets and minimalistic details.
  • Use of subtle tones and colours.
  • Roofs, either flat or with multiple angles, are rarely triangular.
  • Industrial appeal in the choice of materials.

In pursuing contemporary living, these Australian house design styles redefine how we inhabit space, embracing a synthesis of functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics. Such home design showcases seamless integration with the outdoors through expansive windows and prioritises sustainability by incorporating energy-efficient technologies. Contemporary home designs also feature open floor plans, blurring the lines between living spaces and ensuring connectivity. Using recycled and locally sourced materials adds an eco-friendly dimension, aligning with the global shift toward responsible architecture. These homes reflect innovation, style, and environmental consciousness for contemporary living.

  1. Art Deco Homes

Reviving the spirit of the Jazz Age, Art Deco homes celebrate the glamour of the past and embrace modern sensibilities. Picture arched openings, curved terracotta brickwork, and velvet furnishings complemented by intricate patterns and terrazzo tiling. Art Deco is an ideal choice for those seeking a playful approach to design, incorporating geometric shapes, bronze and gold accents, chevron tiling, pastel hues, and vibrant colours.

Architects combine iconic curved archways and vibrant colour palettes with new technology and sustainable practices. This fusion results in residences that exude both luxury and environmental responsibility. Art Deco home designs acts as a bridge between eras, offering a timeless aesthetic that transcends changing trends, providing homeowners with a sophisticated canvas for self-expression in the ever-evolving architectural designing world.

Key features of this home include:

  • Curved archways
  • Use of vibrant colour
  • Integration of brick and tiles
  • Artful incorporation of clashing patterns
  • Finishing touches in bronze and gold.

In the contemporary landscape, the revival of Art Deco homes is a testament to the enduring allure of timeless design. With its rich history and dynamic visual language, Art Deco offers a compelling option for those who seek to infuse their living spaces with a harmonious blend of elegance, vibrancy, and luxury.

  1. Modern Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse aesthetic continues to captivate, rooted in the comfort of simpler times and the allure of expansive open spaces. Drawing inspiration from traditional log homes, as well as Spanish, Tuscan, and French countryside and ranch architecture, this style embraces elements such as barn doors, well-lit and spacious rooms with high ceilings, a rich play of textures, layering, and a palette of moody colours. A modern farmhouse-style dwelling evokes nostalgia, offering a haven of ultimate peace and comfort.

Key Features of this home include:

  • High ceilings
  • Moody colour palette
  • Warm wood accents
  • Fluted wall panelling
  • Balconies
  • Weatherboards
  • Distinctive barn door
  • Oversized farmhouse sink

In addition to the stated features, the modern farmhouse style often incorporates sustainable elements like reclaimed wood and energy-efficient appliances, aligning with contemporary eco-conscious trends. Large windows strategically placed throughout the home amplify the connection with nature, infusing the interiors with abundant natural light.

Beyond aesthetics, these residences prioritise functionality, thus seamlessly integrating modern amenities into the rustic charm. Collaborating with skilled architects allows homeowners to customise their homes, creating a timeless living space that blends tradition with future sustainability.

Similarly, it encapsulates the charm of simpler times and the appeal of expansive, open living spaces. You can contact leading residential architects in Melbourne or your local vicinity to bring your vision to life and transform your homes with artistic expertise.

  1. Hamptons Style Home

The enduring Hamptons style, rooted in the classic American aesthetic, maintains its timeless allure. However, it is transforming a more Australian interpretation, where the traditional blues and whites evolve into muted greens, creams, and mustard tones. Furthermore, the architectural distinctions among Farmhouse, Hamptons, and Scandi are becoming less defined, contributing to the emergence of a distinctly Australian style.

Key features of this home include:

  • Expansive windows
  • Elegant French doors
  • White facades complemented by darker roofs and features
  • Shaker-style kitchens
  • A coastal ambiance
  • Whitewashed walls

Hamptons style designs seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces, often incorporating spacious verandas and alfresco dining areas. The coastal ambience extends beyond aesthetics to embrace practical elements such as durable, weather-resistant materials and breezy, open layouts. Whitewashed walls and light-toned furnishings contribute to an airy and inviting atmosphere, fostering a sense of tranquility.

The Hamptons style has been adapted to suit the Australian climate and lifestyle, focusing on outdoor living and relaxed entertaining. It is a versatile style that creates a beautiful and comfortable home, regardless of location.

Collaborating with a leading architecture studio in Sydney will help you infuse your Hamptons-inspired haven with a uniquely Australian twist.


These five architectural styles offer a glimpse into contemporary homes’ diverse and evolving landscape. From the playful geometric shapes of Art Deco to the nostalgia-inducing simplicity of Modern Farmhouse and the timeless allure of Hamptons style, each design embodies a unique blend of functionality, aesthetics, and cultural influences. As we navigate the 21st century, these styles testify to the adaptability and creativity shaping our living spaces, seamlessly merging tradition with modernity to pursue distinctive and personalised homes.

Contact a leading architectural firm in Sydney to translate your vision into architectural masterpieces, ensuring that your home becomes a testament to style, functionality, and cultural vibes.


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