Spark Homes invite building and construction leaders to innovative game changer!

Spark Homes

Spark Homes invite building and construction leaders to innovative game changer!

Reports suggest that the average Australian house takes from four to twelve months to build. is smashing that average and now offering clients a day to lock up homes.

A leader in innovation, Spark Homes are taking home building into 2020 and beyond with eco-friendly, energy-efficient homes like no other. This new design is about still delivering a unique, fantasy-driven home yet securing it to lock up stage in lightening time. Seems impossible, right?

Well, Spark Homes would like to invite you to see first hand because we all know that seeing is believing. Spark Homes wants you to witness this live installation and is inviting all media including radio, news, tv shows. Builders, owner builders, architect’s, and everyone in the building industry is invited and encouraged to attend.

Spark Homes have been the leader in offering everything you need to build a house under their roof. Affordable, yet diverse in the building materials provided.
To offer such an innovative process, Spark Homes have ensured that there is no trade-off and continue to develop exceptional products for their clients. 

Whether you want minimalism or prefer extravagance, Spark Homes have the product for you and are offering an incredible 8 hour to lock up build.
Free from CFCs and able to improve your home’s energy efficiency Spark Homes cladding is ideal for any property. Saving you from using excessive energy while making it easier to heat or cool your home, and coming with an extraordinary 50-year warranty for peace of mind. Thoroughly tested, the cladding is resistant to splitting, cracking, rotting, peeling, and denting.

You don’t have to Paint your house ever with the PU Insulated and fire Proof Embossed Aluminium Cladding. The panel has a unique polyurethane foam core between two metal layers which is the best material for heat preserving and heat insulation. With a fantastic selection at Spark Homes, you never have to feel that you settled for less, this cladding can mimic any exterior you have ever dreamt of having. From a corrugated iron rustic feel to a convincing wood grain effect. A brick look in various colours, whether it be uniform sized bricks to wide or narrow bricks. A stone look, and a stucco look. With hundreds of colours and designs to choose from, you will be amazed at what you can design. Made from proven construction materials that are well-suited to the extremes of the Australian climate. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is also lightweight construction material with excellent insulation properties and creating a stylish facade.

These low impact materials will suit any environmentally conscious architect, builder, or owner-builder. No wonder they are all coming from near and far to watch this house go up. Spark Homes double-glazed doors and windows offer increased sound insulation over single pane, buffering any intrusion of street or industrial noise. Arguably the largest selection of double glazing products, as well as toughened glass sliding doors using Argon gas improving a double glazing window’s energy rating by over 30%. Reaching the lock-up stage is a pretty significant milestone when you’re building a house. Any builder or tradie will confirm the reports that theft often occurs on a build before it gets to lock up stage. From a slab to lock up stage in such a short time will alleviate that uninsured issue and who should be responsible, making a happy builder and a more satisfied client. Media from across Australia have acknowledged their interest to come and film the Spark Homes 8 hour build. It’s hard not to be impressed with Spark Homes, not only do they deliver a bespoke home that is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. They continue to push the boundaries beyond 2020 with now offering it in record time once the slab is dry.

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