Transportable home

Transportable Homes


Stage 1 includes the following actions:

  • Choosing your facade and floor plan – we will need a general idea of the style and layout that you would like.
  • A meeting with our building designer to discuss your plans in detail. This will take place in our office or any of our distributors across Australia.
  • Initial discussions with Council, you would need to confirm viability.
  • Concept 3D drawings including the floor plan.
  • 3D animation fly-around of your building.
  • Discuss inclusions: specifications, fixtures, and fittings.

Payment: $2,500
This cost is deducted from the Construction Contract price.

Transportable INCLUSIONS

There are standard fixtures and fittings included in your contract. We also offer upgrades for any desired changes, each with an additional cost.


Once the contract has been signed, the next step is to do a DA Council Lodgement. This stage includes:

  • Site survey
  • Soil report for engineered footing specifications
  • Waste Water application
  • Preparation of documents for Council application
  • Council DA lodgement fees (up to $1500)
  • Home Warranty Insurance (Council requirement)

Payment: $TBA. Site Specific, on average allow $7,500

Please note: The Council DA Lodgement fee only covers the DA up to $1500. It does not cover additional consultant reports Council may require – for example: Flooding, Bushfire Assessments, Koala Survey, Geotechnical Reports, Council Contribution Fees, Sewerage, and/or Stormwater.


Construction will usually take 16 weeks. We have a payment schedule for construction in our factory.

Payment 1: 20% Deposit
This is due once your building has been approved by Council to start construction.

Payment 2: 30% Lock Up
This is due once your roof, windows, doors, and cladding are installed.

Payment 3: 30% Interior Progressing
This is due when paint, plaster, and interior fit-off are progressing.

Payment 4: 15% Completion Offsite
This is due once your building is complete and ready for transport at SPARK Homes.

Payment 5: 5% Final
This is due after your building is complete onsite and ready for handover.


Whilst construction is taking place, there are some client responsibilities that will need to be completed to ensure an efficient delivery and installation process. These include:

  • Earthworks and providing a level site
  • Tree removal and/or retaining walls
  • Clear access for arrival and delivery including trees, gates, fences, etc.


Onsite plumbing will need to be completed by your local plumber. The plumbing site works include:

  • Water – Connection of mains town or tank water.
  • Sewer – Connect floor wastes & points to the sewer system.
  • Stormwater – Connect downpipes to an approved discharge point e.g., tank, pit, or street.
  • Hot water – Installation of hot water if applicable (most plans allow for hot water preinstalled).
  • Onsite Council plumbing application (sewer and stormwater).

Onsite electrical works will need completing by your local electrician:

  • Connection of mains electrical supply


The following items are the responsibility of the client:

  • Landscaping
  • Driveway & paths
  • Carport or garage
  • Patio & decks (if not provided by SPARK Homes)
  • Letterbox
  • Washing line
  • Fencing
  • Phone/NBN

Ready to begin the process? Choose your facade and floor plan, and let’s start designing your dream Transportable, customized for you.


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