Pick up instructions

Products Pick-Up Guidelines
We’re looking forward to facilitating the pick-up of your goods from our warehouse/distribution center. Whether you’ve chosen a courier service or plan to pick up the items yourself, we aim to make the process as smooth and safe as possible. Please review the following essential guidelines to ensure a successful pick-up:
Vehicle Specifications: For the collection, a flatbed truck is necessary. Our facility is designed to support the loading of such vehicles using a forklift, ensuring that your items are handled safely and efficiently.

Safety Notice: It is crucial to understand that the use of any vehicle that does not comply with our requirements, such as personal cars or box trailers, is at your own risk. Vehicles deemed inappropriate not only jeopardize the safety of our staff and your goods but may also result in the denial of your items’ release from our warehouse.

Assistance with Loading: If a flatbed truck is not utilized for collection, please ensure you bring sufficient packing materials and have at least two people available to help with the loading. This is crucial to avoid damage to your items and to safeguard everyone involved.

Packing Responsibility: The condition of the goods once they leave our warehouse falls under your responsibility. It is vital to pack and secure your items properly for their journey to prevent any damage.

Insurance Recommendation: We strongly advise adding insurance to your courier selection to cover any potential damage.

Inspection Before Collection: It is advisable to inspect the items before collection. Any damage that occurs during transportation will be your responsibility.

Your compliance with these guidelines is essential for a successful and efficient collection process. Should you have any inquiries or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us

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