Stack A Stone Cladding

About Stack-A-Stone Stack-A-Stone Our products look and feel like natural stone without the additional weight and higher installation costs. The stones we make are cast in molds made from natural stone. We offer a variety of standard colours and the option to customize to meet your taste and design needs. Used in: Interior and exterior decoration, such as hotels, commercial, residential villas, homes, bars, shopping malls, parks, gardens, cafes, apartments, restaurants, etc. Advantage of our Stack A Stone The color is changeable, we can make any color according to the customer demand for a huge quantity. So call us to discuss how you can add value to your project through the timeless beauty of stone aged engineering cladding.
1. Light weight with beautiful natural texture 2. Less cutting and waste 3. Easy installation 4. Weather Resistance 5. Fireproof 6. non-slip 7. Convenient to clean 8. Do not fade, the longer the time, the brighter the color 9. frost resistance, 10. sound insulation 11. eco-friendly 12. product can adapt to the vast majority of extreme weather 13. 100% natural Slate 14. Easy to paste, effectively shorten the construction period 15. Light weight, greatly reduced transportation cost 16. The texture is real, close to the natural stone. 17. Changeable style, and the building is endowed with different styles 18. Research and development personnel can design a variety of artificial cement cultural stone wall bricks. As long as customers have ideas, we have action 19. German pigment, high quality guarantee.
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