Bathroom Pods for Commercial

Consider all the things surrounding you in this a factory setting. The computer you may be reading this on, the car you drive in everyday, the desk that you work from, whether at work or home, all of these items were manufactured in a factory. Now imagine if all these products that make your life easier were created
outside in the rain, heat, and snow. Would you expect a high-quality product? Would you pay a tenth of the price for these products if you were told
they were made outin the rain? Probably not. For a fine-tuned, high-quality product you would expect it to be created ina climate-controlled environment with little
to no distractions. Offsite construction, such as bathroom pods, is completed in a factory, it capitalizes on the ability t0 move product in controlled manufacturing conditions, and on tight inventory control and project schedules. It is inherently waste conscious and can have minimum site impact if delivered carefully and strategically with respect to site constraints. Examples in which offsite construction can be incorporated into site construction include projects with tight deadlines, those built in secure environments, those where weather may impede construction, and those needing repetitive interior structures. This white paper focuses on the interspersion of bathroom pods into traditional construction methods. We will discuss how to know if bathroom pods are ideal for your project, the benefits of
bathroom pods, and provide case study examples of successful bath room pod implementations.

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