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Explore our SPARK transportable homes for a swift and efficient housing solution, available for both purchase and rental. Our range of transportable options is designed to cater to various budgets, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a temporary residence or a permanent home, SPARK transportable homes offer the convenience of quick construction without compromising on quality. Check out our diverse options below and discover how easy it is to secure a comfortable, stylish, and affordable living space with SPARK. Your ideal home could be just a click away!

Container Homes & Office Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

“They’re not what they seem”!

Manufactured from Fire resistant and thermally insulated Polystyrene Sandwich panels, the Spark Container style units provide an internal environment well suited for the harsh Australian climate.

Unlike the recycled heavy metal shipping containers (which are used for accommodation) that swelter under the Aussie sun, our galvanised steel framed / light weight units keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Being modular (flat pack) and light weight, they’re easily transportable and ideal when a number of units are required to be transported. 10-20 units can be transported at any one time. This is ideal for the Mining and Building industries or when multiple accommodation is required.

An added advantage of Spark Modular container style units is that you’re not limited to the 20’ or 40’ Container length. Our wall panels are interchangeable; they can be added to or removed as desired, making them one of the most versatile container accommodation units on the market.

Each Spark Container style Flat packed unit comes supplied with its own basic electrics, sliding windows with roller shutters, a single-entry door, plus all the nuts and bolts required for full assembly.

If you have more than one in mind, you’re only limited by your imagination. Our units are easily linked together, either by stacking on top of one another or interlinked side-by-side. Whatever your needs, our designer can tailor the accommodation to meet your needs.

Internal layouts too, can be reconfigured to meet your new project needs. Below are just a few examples of what can be achieved

The windows and doors can be interchanged to suit your layout. Two to three men can put it together within a day, saving you time and labour costs.

Container Homes, Office, studio accommodations……

Spark Container Homes, Office, Camps, Schools, Retail Stores, Toilets, Laundries and more

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one king 40 foot transportable home 01Thanks to their design and layout homes made of pre-fab container have a number of benefits that include:

  • Increased versatility

    By the way of their design and construction containers can be used in a number of ways and for an even wider range of applications. From temporary accommodation, through to offices and other forms of shelter, containers are an innovative and reliable form of housing.

  • Highly resilient and reliable

    Made from a durable galvanised steel frame in combination with aluminium panelling shipping containers can retain their shape and composure for over 30 years.

  • Personalised Design Options

    Get the container in the shape, size, and style to suit your tastes and needs by speaking to our team.

  • No-stress transportation

    Made to be moved with ease our containers can be moved on trailer without issue. Additionally, our flat-pack units can be moved in groups of 10-20 based on our client’s orders.

  • Low in cost

    By being delivered in bundles stacked for efficiency our flat pack units greatly reduce transportation costs. Additionally, our flat packed units boast complete insulation to save on heating and cooling expenditure.

  • Hassle-free assembly

    Designed for easy assembly our flat pack units can be fully-built in 3-4 hours by a team of 2-3 people.

  • Flexibility

    Our modular units can be joined together in vertical or horizontal configurations.

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    I as a builder have dealt with many suppliers of kit homes over the 25 years and in my experience the stand out ones are those who deliver timely and excellent personal service at competitive…

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    For several years now, my wife and I had contemplated building a Granny Flat for extra income, not just an add-on box, but a small house that blended in with our existing home…

    K.Thomson Glenhaven, NSW

    Amazing service! Love the way they always strive to achieve the customers needs and was very patient with my constant change of mind (sorry!).

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    Exceptionally Creative designs & welcoming service!! Well tailored services for all housing solutions. They valued my Time & money during my Granny home building.

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