Let’s Begin Building With Spark Homes

Lets Begin ..  

 Just 03 Steps Process

Step – 01 : Select & Plan..

  1. Choose your plan from Spark Home Website & customize to your requirement according to your Lot Dimension & Area.
  2. Let us know, and we prepare the initial rate quotation for Steel Frame & other accessories.
  3. Lodge your plan & engineering drawings with Council for approval and apply for a Construction Certificate (CC)/Complying Development Certificate (CDC) alternatively, we can obtain Council approval for you at a Cost.
  4. Complete Owner-Builder Course & White Card from Safe-Work NSW (On-line course of 1 day) and familiarize yourself in simple & easy manner with construction schedule and building process
  5. Appoint a PCA to carry out your required inspections & later issue of Occupation Certificate, alternatively, we can assist in appointing PCA for you at a Cost.
  6. Book with us Steel Frame – Kit Home by just paying 50% of advance amount
  7. Manage your Project by arranging various Licensed Tradesmen (Surveyor, Concreter, Carpenter, Electrician, Plumber & more) and we can provide with Building materials
  8. Alternatively, you can engage Project Manager / Licensed Builder to source all tradesmen & scheduling of project. we can provide with Project Building materials and assist you in engaging Project Manager for you.


Step – 02 : Plan, Manage & Construct ..


  1. Secure the site with boundary fencing, Peg-out the area & level it according to approved drawing.
  2. Lay the foundation (Pier/ Raft/Waffle Pod/Combination) & get it certified by PCA.
  3. Engage plumber to provide all Rough-inns for Underground utility services lines.
  4. Complete the Floor Slab concreting & leave it for curing.
  5. Get the delivery of Steel Frame – Kit Home, EPS panels and DGU Lock-up doors & windows by paying balance of 50% of the amount.
  6. Engage Carpenter to install Steel Frame & EPS panels of walls & roof structure along with Lock-up frames. Followed with Plumber & Electrician for internal Rough-inns and waterproofing in wet areas.
  7. Time for inspection by PCA for approval on the work completed so far.
  8. Your House is ready for Hard Finishing – Interior walls, Insulation, False roofing, Flooring, Rain water storage tank, Backyard work, Side walkway concreting etc. Let us know about this stage for at least 02 weeks in advance to deliver you the hard finishing building material, wall cladding, staircase, doors & windows, Floor & Wall tiles, Hand rails & Balustrade and more.
  9. Complete the internal fittings & installation of Kitchen, Vanity & PC items, tapware, Electrical fitting & more.
  10. Time for last inspection by PCA for issue of Pre-OC.
  11. Complete all the finishing aspect of internal & external side, Front yard & Backyard, Driveway, NBN, Hot-water, Electrical, Gas & Plumbing connections, appliance fitting, like, caulking, painting, touch-ups & Final cleaning.


Step – 03 :  Achieved !! .. Stand in front and admire your achievement.. 

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