Smartrobe Door 3

Each Smartrobe door includes two nylon wheels encased in steel assemblies. Doors are reversible (except mirror) with height adjustment to the edge of Door

Door 2340x520/620/720/770/820

Product SkuSize or DetailsCost$Total Price GST Inc.Action
SDT3 - 1Primecoat$100.00$100.00
SDT3 - 2SPM$141.00$141.00
SDT3 - 3Accent$132.00$132.00
SDT3 - 4Ascot/Alpine$182.00$182.00
SDT3 - 5LinearlD.R230, 240, 270$175.00$175.00
SDT3 - 6Sorrento$175.00$175.00
SDT3 - 7Premium$175.00$175.00
SDT3 - 8Humecraft(PCMDF)$222.00$222.00
SDT3 - 9Chic$442.00$442.00
SDT3 - 10Strata 11511$133.00$133.00
SDT3 - 11Strata FIST4, HSTS$161.00$161.00
SDT3 - 12Strata liST1M$203.00$203.00
SDT3 - 13Strata HST4M$235.00$235.00
SDT3 - 14Mirror Primed MDF$393.00$393.00
SDT3 - 15Mirror SPM$438.00$438.00
SDT3 - 16Additional Cost per door 2 Meranti/Plne finger Grips$37.00$37.00
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