Kit Home Steel Frame

The steel frame kits from Spark Homes can be used to build a wide range of structures. This includes:

  • Residential
  • Town Housing
  • Social Housing
  • Schools (classrooms)
  • Transportable and Modular
  • Commercial Structures
  • Ware Houses
  • High rise buildings
  • Home extensions
  • Recording studios
  • Sheds

There are many cladding options when building with our light gauge steel frame kits, including:

  • brick veneer,
  • light weight concrete,
  • hebel (aerated concrete),
  • linear board,
  • tiled roofs and many other options.
  • Cladding.

Essentially any cladding used with traditional wood frame construction can be used with our steel frame kits. Also, most traditional methods of cladding can be adapted to work with light gauge steel framing.

Building With Steel

Houses have been built with wood for hundreds of years. Old growth trees make a good building material, but a dwindling supply of old growth trees and environmental concerns have caused the quality to diminish.

Today, it is clear that there is a need for a new building material. Despite the myths that still surround the use of light gauge steel framing, it has come to the forefront as the best and most feasible alternative building material for residential and light commercial construction.

Here are some of the advantages of building with our steel frame kits compared to wood.

Termite Damage

Termites are known to destroy the wall and roofing timbers of a home within 3 months of construction.

As an example, termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods and storms, combined.

Severe termite damage to a building is not uncommon. To compound the problem, your Home or Building Insurance Policy may NOT cover the repair costs of any timber damage caused by termites. This is never a problem for our steel frame kits.

Toxic Mould

Moulds in your home can cause health problems and structural damage. The most common toxic mould is Stachybotrys chartarum, a slimy greenish-black mould that grows on moisture-laden materials. It does not grow on steel, nor does steel promote the growth of mould.

Mould can cause severe lung problems in infants and the elderly.

Our steel frame kits do not contain moisture like wood. Even kiln dried wood still has a residual water content.

Fire Resistance

Steel framing is non-combustible and will not fuel a fire. Steel frame kits will not ignite and are capable of withstanding higher temperatures.

Functionality of our Spark Steel.

Optimised functionality delivering economical steel usage.

A completed truss layout is imported from Stock Steel into our Truss Engineering Software, where it performs 146 stress tests on each truss.

With optimised functionality, we produce a steel truss that’s economical in steel usage without compromising local engineering requirements.

Steel trusses can be engineered for non-cyclonic through to extreme cyclonic conditions in excess of 180 mph, with a maximum span of 35 metres.

Virtually any truss shape can be produced, including coffered ceilings, parallel cord trusses, curved trusses, dual pitched roof trusses, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can We Build With Spark Steel Frames

  • Residential – from single to Multi storey
  • Commercial and Self-storage buildings
  • External wall in-fill framing for commercial buildings
  • Internal wall In-fill framing
  • Lattice Beam Joist production
  • Steel Truss production
  • Steel Floor

What Are The Benefits Of Spark Steel Frame Pre Fabricated Panel System

  • Life time warranty as we use blue Scope.
  • Highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material 100% recyclable
  • Non-combustible – does not burn and will not contribute fuel to the spread of a fire
  • Inorganic – will not rot, warp, split, crack or creep
  • Dimensionally stable – does not expand or contract with moisture content
  • Consistent material quality – produced in strict accordance with national standards, no regional variations

Is The Job Made Easier For Builders, Owner Builders And Sub-contractors, & Why?

  • Service and plumbing holes are automatically pre-punched
  • No “nail pops” in plasterboard cladding
  • Steel framing is precise and square making insertion of Door and Windows frames easier. Door & window frames will not distort, eliminating jamming
  • Packing of battens to obtain a flat ceiling is not required (using our unique panel ceiling and roof solution)

What Is The Speed Of Frame Erection? +

Typically, a 3-man team can erect all the frames, including flooring, wall, ceiling and roof panels in approximately 3 days

What Tools Are Typically Required For Assembling? –

  • Compressor – typically a 15 CFM single phase compressor is sufficient
  • Rivet gun/s
  • Manual tin snips or electric/pneumatic nibblers
  • Lip flattener (supplied)
  • Erecting frames is easy, only a cordless screw gun/drill is required – frames are screwed together using self drilling Tek screws

Why Should I Build Using Steel?-

  • Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio
  • 100% Termite, rodent, borer and dry-rot proof
  • No Splitting
  • No Warping
  • No Cracking No Rotting ,Dimensionally stable
  • Stronger connection – no nails
  • Straighter Walls, squarer corners .Lighter than timber frames, less load on foundations and concrete slab
  • No call backs
  • Steel is the most recycled material in the world
  • Lower transport costs due to lightweight frames
  • No lifting equipment required to erect ceiling and roof panels
  • Completed panels are substantially lighter than timber, 1 man can easily carry a 3m x 2.4m high wall panel

Is Spark Steel Safe?-

  • Steel frames will not bur
  • Lightning will not affect a steel framed house more than a timber one, as steel creates a positive earth. Lightning energy is conducted straight to the ground
  • No chemical treatments as is the case with timber frames
  • Each structure is fully engineered.

Is Spark Steel Frame Green?

  • Steel is 100 percent recyclable. Each year, nearly 68.7 percent of all steel scrap in North America is recycled (Source: Steel Recycling Institute)
  • Steel does not contribute to the growth of landfills. (Source: Steel Framing Alliance)
  • Steel framed structures stay straight and true and do not expand and contract with humidity and temperature changes. This means that door and window openings framed with steel remain stable and this saves on energy costs. (Source: Steel Framing Alliance)
  • Cold-formed steel has the highest strength-to-weight-ratio of any structural building material. As a result, steel projects can be built with fewer materials (Source: Steel Framing Alliance).

Can Spark Steel Frames Be Used For Cyclonic Conditions?

Steel trusses can be engineered for non-cyclonic through to extreme cyclonic conditions in excess of 180 mph, with a maximum span of 35 metres.

What are the benefits of SPARK steel frame to consumer including?

  • High strength results in safer structures, less maintenance and slower ageing of structure
  • Fire safety
  • Not vulnerable to termites
  • No additional preservative chemicals are required over and above the galvanising process to treat steel, unlike the treatment of timber
  • Not vulnerable to any type of fungi or organism
  • Less probability of foundation problems – 5 times lighter than wood which results in less movement
  • Less probability of damage in an earthquake – lighter structure with stronger connections results in less seismic force
  • Less probability of damage in high winds – stronger connections, rivetted and screwed versus nailed

What Are The Benefits Of Spark Steel Frame For Builders?

  • Lighter than other framing materials – no lifting equipment required on site. One person can easily carry a 5-metre fabricated panel
  • Easy material selection – no need to cull or sort
  • Straight walls and Square corners
  • Call backs due to cracks are eliminated
  • Windows and doors open and close as they should
  • Less scrap and waste (2% for steel vs. 20% for timber)
  • Environmental selling and green positioning
  • Consumer perceives steel as better
  • No drying out period in wet weather, resulting in no delays
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