Pre Fab Containers Homes

Container Homes & Office Spaces

There is more to these wonderful tiny homes than meets the eye – they’re built to be comfortable in Australia’s harshest conditions – and what they lack in size they make up in comfort and practicality.

Our galvanised steel-framed, light-weight units keep you cool in summer and warm in winter without losing the ‘upcycled charm’ of the ‘shipping container home’ which become sweltering hot-boxes beneath the Aussie sun.

Our tiny homes and offices are flat-pack and are very easy to put together – two people can knock one up in less than a day – saving time and money.

They are also super easy to transport, with up to 20 units able to be delivered at one time. This is ideal for the mining and building industries or when a lot of high-quality accommodation is needed, quickly.

An added advantage of SPARK modular container-style units is that you’re not limited to 20’ or 40’ container lengths. Our wall panels are interchangeable and can be added to or removed as desired, making them one of the most versatile container accommodation units on the market.

Each SPARK modular container-style flat-pack unit comes with its own basic electrics, sliding windows with roller shutters, single-entry door as well as all the nuts and bolts required to put it all together.

The units are easily linked together, stacked or placed side-by-side – our designer can tailor the accommodation to meet your needs – the only limit is your imagination.

We can also change the internal layout to suit your needs – including moving the doors and windows to suit your layout.

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