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Vinyl Cladding Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

Make your home look better for longer thanks to the reliable and innovative home improvement solutions on offer from the team at SPARK Homes. Made from sturdy and weatherproof plastic materials our stylish and modern vinyl cladding gives our customers an ageless alternative to timber weatherboard panelling.

Able to authentically emulate the natural style and patterning of timber external panelling our vinyl cladding helps homeowners who care about their properties retain the authentic heritage façade. Available in a wide range of colours and tones that do not fade when exposed to UV radiation our vinyl cladding gives our customers a low-maintenance and high-quality cladding solution that does not break the budget.

Custom Orb

A strikingly deep roof and wall cladding with corrugations 120% deeper and 50% wider than traditional corrugated profiles perfectly suited to in modern industrial, commercial, residential and recreational buildings.

External Wall Cladding Sydney

Turn your bland wall into a beautiful and contemporary façade thanks to the comprehensive and cost-effective products and services on offer from SPARK Homes. They are made to withstand wind, rain, hail, and shine and can turn the mundane into the magnificent.

To reinvent your home with our stylish and strong external wall cladding give us a call on (02) 8807 4717.

  • Spark Aluminium Cladding : You never need to paint your house ever again.The panel has a unique polyurethane foam core between the two metal layers which is the best material for heat preserving and heat insulation.
  • Water-proof and damp-proof : The panel has aluminium-coated zinc-board on exterior, which plug into the panels so there are no cracks. There is polyurethane foam protection inside this so it has low water-sucking, high damp-proofing and percolating prevention.
  • Fire proofingThe panel also has outstanding fire proofing.
  • Sound-insulatingThe panel has polyurethane foam core inside, this has an independent airtight air bubble structure, giving it good sound-insulating properties. PMP panels can minimise outside noise and make your home more comfortable.

    The panel is made of aluminium-coated zinc, aluminium foil and polyurethane foaming and weighs 1/6th of the similar building materials.

    It is also very resilient to damage and convenient to transport.

    SPARK Aluminium Cladding is made of three parts:

    • The outer panel which is made of aluminium coated zinc.
    • The insulated backing which is our unique polyurethane foam structure and
    • The protective aluminium foil which acts as an additional sarking.

    Spark Aluminium Cladding does not influence the supporting capacity irrespective of whether it is used as the outer wall cladding or as indoor decorative panelling. It does not require sub-sealing either so it can go directly on to the other frame especially beneficial when renovating old building or building brand new.

  • Earthquake resistant, anti-crackingThe panel is strong, high impact-bearing, high anti-wind pressure, good earthquake resistance, and anti-cracking. The panels are connected with each other by grafting which has high material integrity, which stops it from cracking.

    For big projects a special face design can be made, Please speak to one of our friendly team members for more information.

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Available in convenient 5.84m & 8m lengths 230mm cover
  • Wall Cladding you can Count OnWith classic good looks and guaranteed durability, Select Vinyl Cladding is Australia’s ultimate wall cladding for home building, construction, renovations, extensions and additions
  • Eye-Catching Exterior CladdingVinyl Wall Cladding offers rich modern colours with wood grain textures to turn a house into a home. Exterior cladding that never needs painting means you can enjoy the look of real timber for years, with none of the maintenance.
  • Performance Guaranteed Vinyl CladdingEngineered to the toughest conditions and built to withstand driving rain, wild winds and extreme heat, Duratuff select is exterior cladding that protects your family and your investment. With a unique 180 wind lock system, all cladding panels are securely engaged while still allowing expansion and contraction, which is critical to withstand weather extremes.
  • House Cladding With a 50 Year WarrantyVinyl wall cladding is built to last, we are so confident in this that we offer a 50 year warranty. All wall cladding is extensively tested so we know it won’t rot, peel, dent, split or crack.
  • Eco Friendly Exterior CladdingVinyl cladding comes with fully protected, CFC free, solid foam insulation built onto the individual weatherboards. Insulated wall cladding protects your family and the environment by literally wrapping your house in isolation. Duratuff select vinyl wall cladding aims to improve your homes energy efficiency and improve your comfort.

    Vinyl outperforms most other cladding products. download the independent Vinyl Siding Institutes Green Report for more information on why vinyl is the green choice for your next project.

  • DIY CladdingVinyl Cladding is designed to be easy to install. Spark can provide you with a DIY manual or we can recommend someone from our Australia wide list of installers to give you a quality installation job that will look good for years and years.
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