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Elaine RoachChairperson

Spark Group of Companies

Innovators are a rare breed. But thankfully we all get to enjoy the rewards of their creativity, vision and talent. Elaine Roach’s passion as an innovator in the building industry has produced countless rewards for Spark Homes’ clients and the wider industry as she has brought a steady stream of new, creative, highly efficient products to the Australian market.

Elaine learned the art and science of business during her early working life living in the Gulf where she was immersed in leading edge mobile phone technology, electronics, distribution and media by the same brand SPARK.

When she came to Australia in 2012 she bought with her a mature, proven understanding of how customer focused technological innovation can transform entire industries. Poor personal experience of the Australian building industry’s lengthy delays and old fashioned practices inspired Elaine to develop plans to challenge the home building industry by introducing new designs for entire homes and key building materials.

The innovations that Elaine has driven has resulted in designs new designs that have dramatically reduced costs and the time required by construction schedules, while at the same time improving the energy efficiency and environmental characteristics of core materials used in construction.

As Elaine further invests her expertise, insight and passion you can only expect to see even more innovation and even greater benefits to the community. .

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Terry MorrisDirector

Spark Group of Companies

Tyrone’s successful career spans more than 35 years, primarily promoting and marketing within the music industry, where he’s recognized by his peers and colleagues for his zeal and passion. Not only is he well known within the Australian industry, but he has also has made a name for himself in Dubai, the UK and India.

It’s this devotion and enthusiasm that’s caught the attention of Spark Homes, where his commitment and customer focus sees Tyrone well placed to achieving the best outcome for the customer.

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