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Elaine RoachChairperson

Spark Group of Companies

Innovators are a rare breed. But thankfully we all get to enjoy the rewards of their creativity, vision and talent. Elaine Roach’s passion as an innovator in the building industry has produced countless rewards for Spark Homes’ clients and the wider industry as she has brought a steady stream of new, creative, highly efficient products to the Australian market.

Elaine learned the art and science of business during her early working life living in the Gulf where she was immersed in leading edge mobile phone technology, electronics, distribution and media by the same brand SPARK.

When she came to Australia in 2012 she bought with her a mature, proven understanding of how customer focused technological innovation can transform entire industries. Poor personal experience of the Australian building industry’s lengthy delays and old fashioned practices inspired Elaine to develop plans to challenge the home building industry by introducing new designs for entire homes and key building materials.

The innovations that Elaine has driven has resulted in designs new designs that have dramatically reduced costs and the time required by construction schedules, while at the same time improving the energy efficiency and environmental characteristics of core materials used in construction.

As Elaine further invests her expertise, insight and passion you can only expect to see even more innovation and even greater benefits to the community. .

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Terry MorrisDirector

Spark Group of Companies

Terry Morris is a materials, logistics and supply chain professional a commitment to excellence, and a passion for developing customer-focused relationships that deliver real value.

With years of experience in a multi-location, high volume logistics and transportation environment, Terry can solve many challenges, problems, and struggles that are common in warehousing and logistics, from delivery location changes during the planning stage, to vehicle breakdowns, traffic holdups, and ad hoc orders on the delivery day.

Through his career, Terry has been involved in managing numerous projects in warehouse optimisation, project management and business analysis. These projects have led to improved business efficiencies and reduced costs as well as improved customer retention. Exceptional client relationship building skills and emphasis on in-depth understanding of their needs and meeting their expectations ensure achievement of both client and company objectives.

Terry’s focus is always on safety, business productivity, and the needs of the customer. He has excellent leadership skills that include the ability to inspire and lead a team to great success. His effective, influential, decision-focused management style helps creating an environment of high team spirit, respect, and trust that that allows employees use their skills to their full potential and improves team performance.

During his journey in music that took him in Asansol, a small railway town in West Bengal to the UK, and then to Australia, Terry developed many skills that are critical for all musicians: motivation, determination and perseverance, dedication to continuous improvement, stamina, responsibility, dependability, flexibility, empathy, accuracy, confidence, memory and concentration.

He learnt how to work with others, communicate effectively and handle criticism like a pro, plan ahead, monitor performance, stay calm under pressure, solve problems quickly, manage several major projects at once, and keep up to date with new trends and knowledge.

These skills help him to inspire and lead the team to work towards the company vision and ensure continued success.
Terry’s responsibilities include working closely with key stakeholders, managers, production teams and third-party logistics organisations. Though involved in some of the hands-on, day-to-day operations, he focuses on long-term planning and high-level tasks, such as evaluating the organization’s process and setting the bar on key outcomes.

Sophia Roy
Sophia RoyAdministration Manager

Spark Business Group Pty Ltd

Sophia has qualifications and experience in various areas of information technology, from software development and cloud computing to IT audit, risk management, security and compliance.

With her hands-on experience in using coding languages to develop software and applications, as well as expertise in application architecture, digital product management, project management, and service delivery, Sophia is a real asset to our company. Highly skilled in designing, testing and developing software, Sophia also takes part in developing documentation for maintenance and future upgrades.

She is passionate about helping our company meet the desired business outcomes with advanced and innovative technology. She skilfully juggles many different tasks and handles shifting priorities using her resourcefulness, flexibility, and problem-solving skills.
Apart from maintaining the daily operation of our company’s computer networks, Sophia helps team members learn how to use computer systems and provides phone, online and face-to-face support to users.

Unlike many information technology professionals, she has the ability to present ideas, answer questions and provide solutions to people who don’t understand technology by communicating complex information in well-organised, digestible bits. This skill makes her a go-to person when members of the team or clients have a problem.

Partnering with other departments, Sophia performs analysis to identify potential gaps in procedures and security issues. She stays up to date on industry trends and emerging technologies to ensure company and clients information is protected from cyber security threats. Sophia enjoys what she does on a daily basis. She loves working on projects that not only require expertise but challenge her and require learning new skills.

When not multitasking and working on upgrades, patches, and new applications or equipment, she spends time relaxing with her family and friends.

Dominic David
Dominic DavidMarketing Manger

Spark Business Group Pty Ltd

Dominic David is a proven leader in marketing with over 15 years of experience in marketing delivering business and information technology solutions. He possesses a unique blend of entrepreneurial  spirit combined with a deep passion or both technology and business. His skill set ranges from executive management, software development, product management, to sales and marketing.

Dominic is  a highly-creative and experienced Digital Marketing Manager who is  responsible for all aspects of our marketing operations for Spark Business Group. Orchestrating digital content strategies across all online platforms.

Driving traffic and engagement that translates to sales and brand promotion, Managing a content marketing budget for the Company.

Akhtar Vaseem
Akhtar VaseemEnergy Assessment/Project Manager

Spark Business Group Pty Ltd

B.E. (Mech.), M.E.S., M.E.M, Cert IV In NatHERS Assessment.

Vaseem has over 18 years’ experience in the building industry. He has worked on HVAC systems design, Energy modelling, daylight modelling, Green star documentation & energy audits.

He has helped design of many energy-efficient commercial buildings, that were targeted for NABERS star ratings & conducted many JV3 assessments. 

For the past three years he has been mainly working on residential designs for thermal assessments as an “ABSA Assessor”.

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