Council Approval Service Sydney

Council Approvals and Compliance

One Stop Solution for all your building requirements and Council Approval

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All our kit homes are engineered to Australian Designs and Standards

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All our homes are built with strict adherence to Australian Building Codes and Regulations


We work closely with a wide range of industry experts to provide our clients with the best possible information and advice.

  • Drafting

    Drawing Up of Plans (Both Architectural and Engineering)

  • Engineering

    Plans and Certification

  • Water Board Approval

    Access to Plumbers for Peg Outs, Sewer Encasements, Sewer Installation and Water Board Approval

  • Private Certifier

    Issuing Complying Development Certificates and Construction Certificates

  • Town Planner

    for the More Complicated Projects

  • Planner

    Statement of Environmental Effects – Required for Most Council Submissions

  • Hydraulic Engineer

    Flood Reports, Etc

  • Stormwater Engineer

    Stormwater Solutions

  • Bushfire Reports

    Bushfire Attack Level Assessments and Reports

  • Geotechnical Engineer

    Soil Assessment – Acid Sulphate Soils, Landslip Etc

  • Surveyor

    Survey of Your Block

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